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State Water Project - Water Quality Data
The District obtains virtually all of its water supply from the California Aqueduct of the State Water Project (SWP). Use the links below to obtain SWP water quality data.  Note that water quality can vary significantly from month to month and year to year.  For example, salt content (EC) is lower in spring than in fall, and lower in wet water years than dry water years.  The Engineering Department can provide assistance upon request. 

The closest SWP sampling points to the District are:

“Check 29” is upstream of the District near Taft Highway;  It is downstream of banking project pumping.

“Check 41” is downstream of the District near the discharge of Edmonston Pumping Plant south of the Tehachapi Mountains.

For recent daily and monthly water quality data for EC, pH, turbidity, temperature

- Link to

For Nitrate and Nitrite in the California Aqueduct at Check 29 (Station KA024454, Highway 119)

Link to  Nitrate and Nitrite in CA Aqueduct at Check 29 (Station KA024454, Highway 119)

For Aqueduct Water Bacteriological Analysis:

District Headquarters Building

Climate Data

Historical Rainfall Data 1971-2013

Historical Rainfall Data 2014-2017

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Historical Evaporation Data 1971-2013

Historical Evaporation Data 2014-2017

Citizens Weather Observer Program (CWOP) weather station at the District Headquarters

Link to Real-Time Weather:


District Enterprise System Catalog (SB 272)*

*Note: Some of the data included in the systems listed in our Enterprise System Catalog may be exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act."

North Sierra Precipitation: 8-Station Index

California Snow Water Content

Bacteria Analysis


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